An Intro to Professional Wrestling (Just so you understand my posts)

The F word really hurts but I get it all the time.

“You know that stuff is fake right?”

“If it’s fake then why do you still watch it?”

“Wait a minute is that the fake stuff.”

I know that professional wrestling isn’t a real fight between two people who legitimately despise each other but the word fake is an insult to the work they do. The correct term for what wrestlers do is scripted, the outcomes are already determined by the creative writing team.

Now I know that for some reason that offends people but picture Professional Wrestling as a movie with characters who actually do their own stunts. I’m sorry but you can’t tell me someone jumping off a ladder onto another human being is fake and never happened. You can’t tell me that the many times I have seen wrestlers tear quads, break clavicles, dislocate shoulders and many other things are fake. Sure the outcomes are pre-determined but the hazards are real and the a lot of the moves are real too.

Now when it comes to my blogs about wrestling I will be speaking in a lot of Kayfabe. Kayfabe is a wrestling term which means I will be talking in storyline to coincide with what is going on. It’s the same as if I say “Then the Terminator shot the man…..” Did this actually happen; of course not but for the concept of the story it did.

Now on only special occasions will I manage to break Kayfabe and or talk about insider or behind the scene things going on in wrestling. If I break Kayfabe I will inform you that I am breaking Kayfabe.

Ultimately, I love professional wrestling. I have been a fan for over ten years and it is something I want to write for or about as a journalist. I understand it’s not the most popular or exciting thing to read about but I will try to make it as fun as possible for my reader by including pictures and videos to help make it easier to understand.


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