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The World of Entertainment

Most wrestling fans are probably wondering why I would ask such a question comparing The Rock, one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time to John Cena, who most internet wrestling fans would consider the Jar Jar Binks of professional wrestling, but when you look at the facts there is only one difference between these two iconic superstars; reaction.

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The World of Entertainment

With 2012 coming to an end it is time for me to do another generic top ten countdown to signify what I thought were the best albums of the year. Any comments as to what you believe the actual top ten are welcome along with things you liked and didn’t like about the list. Without further ado let the countdown begin.

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Rock Bottom: The Rock’s impact at the Royal Rumble

The Rock is arguably the greatest wrestler is the history of the WWE. He is the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, the people’s champion, the Brahma bull , the Jabroni Beating, Pie Eating, Trail Blaizing, Eyebrow raising, stronger than a bear, arms wider than a log, important enough to be mentioned in a blog, THE ROCK. (He does have that many nicknames) And on Sunday January 27th, CM Punk will go one on one with the great one. Now as much as I like the Rock, this match has problems written all over it.

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A personal perception of homophobia


“I know what it’s like when people tease you relentlessly about (being gay), and I know what it’s like when society assumes that you’re something when you were born differently,” said Abe Sargent in his article The Kitchen Table #394 – Ending Homophobia In Magic.

This article describes a personal story of how sometimes words can negatively affect someone and how even though words have been somewhat “socialized” into our culture. This article attacks the idea of  how words that are used in the game magic to insult someone can actually be really offensive slurs that will demean an entire population of people. Terms such as “Gay” or “fag” have been socialized to be just an insult to someone versus what it actually is, a word that is used to insult a whole community of people; the LGBT community.

In the end Abe uses a P.S. to explain his disdain with the word homophobia and how it is incorrect on both suffixes. Homo implies same so it is does not encompass Trangendered people and the suffix phobia implies a fear which justifies their actions. This short paragraph correlates with the other article referenced in my previous blog post.