Pay Per View in review; WWE’s Night Of Champions

On a night where every championship in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is defended thousands of wrestling fans went to the TD Gardens in Boston on September 16th to enjoy WWE’s  pay per view Night Of Champions.

Night of Champions opened with a fatal four way match over the coveted Intercontinental Championship. The Miz who entered the match as champion was able to successful defend his title against Mexican high flyers Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara and second generation superstar and son of WWE Hall Of Famer American Dream Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes. The match concluded after The Miz hit Cody Rhodes with a skull crushing finale for the three count. Overall it was a great fatal four way to open the show.

The Second contest of the night saw the unlikely team of Daniel Bryan and Kane win the tag team titles from Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. The finish of the match came when Daniel Bryan and Kane were arguing and Daniel Bryan pushed Kane off the turnbuckle into Kofi Kingston for a victory. Kane and Daniel Bryan then argued further among themselves at to was “the tag team champions.”

The third contest was a surprisingly impressive match for the United States Championship between the champion Antonio Cesaro and an internet sensation the Long Island Iced Z Zack Ryder. Cesaro successfully retained the title when his girlfriend Aksana distracted Ryder so Cesaro can hit him with the Neutralizer (which I just realized is a pun because Cesaro is from Switzerland which is known to be very neutral.)

The next match was a grudge match between the Show Off Dolph Ziggler and the Viper Randy Orton. Even though this match was not contested for a championship it was still an amazing match with many of twists and turns. The match ended when Randy Orton hit Ziggler with an RKO to win the match.

Following that match Layla was unsuccessful in her Divas title defense against Eve. Layla was original supposed to defend against Kaitlin but she got hurt prior to the match and Eve replaced her. Eve won the Divas Championship following a neckbreaker to Layla (none of the divas have last names I swear)

The penultimate match of the night saw World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus successfully defend his title against Alberto Del Rio following the Brogue kick. This match lacked serious excitement and energy because this has happened at almost every Pay Per View for the past few months.

The last match of the night was a WWE championship match between Boston’s own John Cena and the WWE champion CM Punk. The match was surprisingly amazing as both Cena and Punk tried moves that neither of them normally do and even though they were in Cena’s hometown the crowd was still booing him (with the exception of the little kids who love John Cena) The finish came when Cena hit a german suplex off the turnbuckle to CM Punk. Cena thought he had successfully won the title but after looking at the replay it was clear that both Punk’s and Cena’s shoulders were down for a three count resulting in a draw and Punk retaining the WWE Championship.

Night Of Champions was a pay per view that manged to do a lot with little to no build for it. Every match went above and beyond what most fans were expecting, especially the main event, which as of right could very well be a match of the year candidate.


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