Are Heart Attack Jokes too far?

Jerry “The King” Lawler made his triumphant return to commentary on Monday Night Raw on November 12th following a real life heart attack he suffered on the September 10th episode of Raw. Lawler was doing commentary when he collapsed at ring side and the WWE trainers and EMT’s rushed him to a local hospital while performing CPR on him. Lawler was dead for five minutes until the trainers and EMT brought him back to life.

Lawler’s return was supposed to be a triumphant and heart felt moment….that is until WWE champion CM Punk had something to say about it. Punk interrupted Lawler’s return and berated him with many jokes about his heart attack. He claimed that because Lawler was dead and then brought back to life that he must be a zombie and that he would beat Lawler to death again. Punk made many jokes about the incident but the worse was yet to come.

Paul Heyman, CM Punks manager, faked a heart attack right the on live TV. CM Punk went into doctor mode and “revived” Paul Heyman and then claimed he was a hero. Punk went on to insult Lawler some more all while putting himself over until he got a visit from Mrs. Foley’s baby boy.

Mick Foley stormed to the ring and went off on Punk for the sheer amount of disrespect he was showing Jerry Lawler. Punk then went on to continue to insult Lawler and Foley and the rest of the segment went on.

Is it wrong for the WWE to take a real life heart attack to further a storyline or is it perfectly okay? CM Punk is a heel, or a bad guy, in wrestling so did this promo do good at asserting him as a bad guy or was it a cheap way for him to get booed?



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