Who Survived Survivors Series?

November is nothing without mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, and some good old fashioned wrestling. Thanksgiving weekend means wrestling fans are treated to the second longest running WWE pay per view, the Survivors Series. Who was going to survive this event this year?

Survivors Series had three different main events this year; Sheamus battled Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, Team Foley took on Team Ziggler in a traditional survivors series matchup and CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against John Cena and Ryback.

In the first main event Sheamus tried to win back the world Heavyweight Championship that he lost to Big Show last month at the Hell In A Cell pay per view. This match saw many high impact moments such as Big Show spearing Sheamus in mid air and Sheamus lifting the 450 pound Big Show and hitting him with a move called White Noise. The match ended when Big Show pulled a referee in front of Sheamus’ Brogue Kick causing the disqualification.

The second main event was the a traditional survivors series match up pitting Team Foley against Team Ziggler. The rules of a traditional Survivors series match up are that you have to eliminate your opponents entire team in order to win the match; once a superstar is eliminated they must go to the back. This could potentially result in any number of mismatches, which makes the match interesting.

Team Foley consisted of Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston and The Miz while Team Ziggler consisted of Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio, and Wade Barrett. The end of the match came when it was down to just Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler and Ziggler hit a super-kick out of nowhere to become the soul survivor for his team.

The final match of the night was a triple threat match for the WWE championship where CM Punk was successful in retaining his title against Ryback and John Cena however, the end of the match was controversial. Ryback looked ready to win the match when all of a sudden three guys dressed as security jumped Ryback and put him through the Spanish Announce table. With Ryback taken out of the match CM Punk capitalized on the fact that Ryback had already hit Cena with his finishing move and pinned Cena to keep the title.

Survivors Series was a wonderful event with plenty of twists and turns. Ziggler, Big Show, and CM Punk were barely able to survive their matches but they ultimately survived them and that is what makes the Survivor Series so great.



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