The ostracization of the term “Homophobia”

If you look at the term homophobia in a literal context it means the fear of something that is same. If you look at it by what it implies it is a fear of homosexuals. If you look at it in it what it actually is it is an ideology that promotes hatred as something that can be justified.

In this article the word homophobia is looked at and explained in a numerous of ways. It looks at it historically, literally, and in application and explains why it should not be used. By calling something a phobia you are explaining someones actions as an irrational fear they can’t control and are therefore almost justifying their actions. This article focuses on how the term phobia has been removed from the Associated Press in political and social context because it is used to justify political and social actions that are otherwise not justifiable.


Tables Ladders and Chairs: OH MY

Nothing like a little bit of TLC; Tables Ladders and Chairs.

Over the years WWE fans have been treated to many amazing and captivating moments inside TLC matches. Whether it was death defying leaps off of twenty foot ladders, being sent through a table or hard hitting chair shots; TLC matches never disappoint.

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A Collective Unit: Stables in the world of wrestling

With the debut of the Shield at the Survivors Series, wrestling fans were treated with a very familiar thing in wrestling; a stable. Stables are a collection of superstars that operate together as a unit with a common goal or interests. In the case of the Shield, which consists of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns, they are a group that claims to be in the WWE to be a shield for justice.

The idea of a stable is a common one in wrestling and has created some of the most memorable and exciting moments in wrestling. Without further ado let’s look back at some of the most iconic and important stables in wrestling.

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The Shield: Professional Wrestling’s newest Stable

“We’re not Renegades, we’re not mercenaries, we’re not the Nexus, if you’re looking for the NWO go buy the DVD,” Said Dean Ambrose in a heated interview with Michael Cole. “We’re about Principles, we’re about honor where honor no longer exist we’re going to step in.

“Michael, we are a shield from injustice in the WWE,” said Seth Rollins.

Wrestling has suddenly become really interesting again.

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