Where is the pain?: Will the real Brock Lesnar please stand up?

On April 2nd 2011 Brock Lesnar made his return to professional wrestling following a long stint in UFC at the expense of John Cena. Two matches later and Brock Lesnar is nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to the Next Big Thing?

Lesnar signed a one year contract with the WWE that ends in April of 2013 after Wrestlemania 29. Even though Lesnar has signed a one year deal he has only wrestled two matches; A loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules and a victory against Triple-H at Summerslam.

Even though Lesnar “quit” after these two matches we all know that Lesnar will be back before Wrestlemania 29 (He is on the poster after all) Even though we don’t exactly know how or when Lesnar is gonna comeback for Wrestlemania or who his opponent will be, all we know is that when the pain is being brought no one can stop the next big thing.



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