The Shield: Professional Wrestling’s newest Stable

“We’re not Renegades, we’re not mercenaries, we’re not the Nexus, if you’re looking for the NWO go buy the DVD,” Said Dean Ambrose in a heated interview with Michael Cole. “We’re about Principles, we’re about honor where honor no longer exist we’re going to step in.

“Michael, we are a shield from injustice in the WWE,” said Seth Rollins.

Wrestling has suddenly become really interesting again.

At the 2012 Survivors Series three superstars attacked Ryback during the WWE championship match. These superstars then turned around around and attacked Ryback again the next night on Raw. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns claim to be a shield to protect the WWE from injustice.

Even though it is still early, this group has the potential to make a huge impact on the world of professional wrestling. First, they distanced themselves from other stables like the NWO or The Nexus in order to create the idea that they are a stable that is unlike any stable before. Then they emphasized their point before leaving abruptly. This shows them as an independent force that works for no one, which helps strengthen the group.

Based on an individual level this group has a tremendous amount of talent. Dean Ambrose, perhaps one of the most popular independent wrestlers to enter the WWE in a long time, is a tremendous talent who can out wrestle and out talk most of his opponents. Seth Rollins is the first ever NXT champion and is phenomenal in the ring. Roman Reigns has this family in his blood as he is related to the Samoan wrestling family which boasts greats like The Rock, Yokozuna, and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

Granted it is too early to tell what is in store for the Sheild; I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.


2 thoughts on “The Shield: Professional Wrestling’s newest Stable

  1. Ambrose is awesome. Everybody’s talking about Rollins it seems, and have been since his days in ROH, due to his physical and stylistic resemblance to CM Punk. But I think Ambrose is going to be the breakout star of this group. He has a really unique promo style and charisma to him. Reminds me a bit of Piper. I just hope they don’t water him down like they do everyone else with their tendency to over-write promos.

    • I agree with you there, I think Ambrose will in the long run be the break out star but I think Rollins will end up winning a championship prior to him. Rollins has a distinct look that can’t exactly be said about Ambrose. In the long run Ambrose will make up for it like Daniel Bryan did but it will be in the long run.

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