The revitalization of the WWE tag team division

Tag team wrestling, for a majority of the new millennium has been viewed as a dying art in the World Wrestling Entertainment.  The tag team titles over the past five years or so have barely been focused on and have had random champions that not a lot of fans particularly cared about. This was due to a lack of TV Time and a lack of quality teams however, that is slowly starting to change as the tag team division is really starting to heat up.


The revitalization of the tag team division starts with the tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan, also known as Team Hell No. Kane and Daniel Bryan started teaming together after they were forced to undergo anger management by then General Manager AJ Lee. This tag team is featured in comedic sketches playing on the fact that even though they are a team, they hate each other and are only out for themselves. They are seen as a dysfunctional team that try to out compete each other, which doesn’t end well for their opponents. They constantly taunt each other by claiming “I am the tag team champions” and through the use of Daniel Bryan’s famous “YES” and “NO” chants. This team is entertaining and successful.


Perhaps one of the most athletically gifted teams in the division right now, the team of Cody Rhodes and Damian Sandow, Team Rhodes Scholars, is a dominant heel force within the division. This team plays off the fact that Damien Sandow is the self professed martyr and intellectual savior of the unwashed masses. Damien Sandow boasts the brains behind the group while Cody Rhodes is the only person intellectual enough to associate with Sandow. Despite all of the talk of intellectualism, this team wrestles an aggressive catch as catch can wrestling style. This team may be temporarily disbanded because of a shoulder injury suffered by Rhodes but when this team is together they are a force to be reckon with.


MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! The Prime Time Players are an amazing team in the tag team division. This team consists of The big deal Titus O’Neal and Mr. No days off Darren Young. This teams works well because they are the perfect blend of arrogance and down right hilariousness. Between how often Darren Young picks his hair and Titus O’Neal makes his seal barking noise they are genuinely hilarious team that will be featured prominently in the tag team division.


These two Mexican luchadors add a much needed style to the tag team division. By teaming the greatest luchador in WWE history, Mysterio, with perhaps the most popular luchador in the history of Mexico, Sin Cara, you create an interesting dynamic of high flying, fast paced matches. This team is billed as Rey Mysterio mentoring Sin Cara and helping him adjust to America and the WWE itself. They are two fan favorites that always tend to wow audiences.


These two Puerto Rican cousins, along with the attractive Rosa Mendez are one of the most interesting teams in the tag team division. Primo and Epico always have solid matches but sometimes fail to deliver on the microphone. Despite their lack of ability to verbally connect with the crowd, they connect through their in ring ability and the hips of Rosa.


Are there any wrestlers who can say they are more underused than Santino Marella and Long Island Iced Z ZACK Ryder. Dubbed Team Cobro, because Santino’s finisher is the Cobra and Zack Ryder is a broski, this team is used for comedic purposes. Any team that prominently brags about using a sock puppet to stun an opponent is a team that will never be taken seriously. Despite the fact that they are a joke team they are still very talented in the ring and contribute well to the tag team division.


Speaking of underused tag teams: WHY ARE THE USOS NOT ON MY TV? The twin brothers, Jey and Jimmy come from perhaps the most decorated family in the history of wrestling. They are related to greats such as WWE hall of famers, The Wild Samoans, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Yokozuna, The Rock, and their father Rikishi. The Usos are exciting and add a bit of history and tradition to the tag team division.


These two high flyers are incredibly exciting to watch. This international duo consists of Canada’s Tyson Kidd and South Africa’s Justin Gabriel. Much like Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, Kidd and Gabriel add a much needed dimension of high flying offense into the tag team division.

With all of these teams included in one division don’t expect the tag team titles to remain a non-existent title of the past. Expect high quality matches, good storylines, and a number of teams that deserve the championships.


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