The Tebow infatuation

Tim Tebow had the worst completion percentage of all starting quarterbacks in the year 2011 yet he is perhaps the most popular quarterback in the national football league. How does such a horrible quarterback get such a huge following.

The Tim Tebow infatuation started in week five of the 2011 when Tebow lead an impressive fourth quarter victory where the Denver Broncos scored 15 points to send the game into overtime where Denver’s kicker Matt Prater went on to kick a game winning 52 yard field goal. Tim Tebow would begin a craze that would later be described simply as Tebow magic.

The Broncos would struggle in a majority of their games until the fourth quarter hit when Tim Tebow magically learned how to throw a proper ball and the Broncos would win the game. The fourth quarter was renamed “Tebow Time” by NFL analyst and Tebowmania was running wild Brother!


Here is the kicker (no pun intended) when it comes to “Tebow Magic”……HIS DEFENSE AND KICKER WERE THE ONES WINNING THE GAMES. The Broncos would only win if the defense kept the other team from scoring a lot and if Matt Prater could make insanely long 50 plus yard field goal kicks because Tebow failed to get into the endzone. Tim Tebow was doing statistically horrible while his team was holding him together but somehow Tebow got the credit for it.

Speaking of credit, I will give Tebow some credit, he did have a fantastic game against the Steelers in perhaps one of the biggest upsets in playoff history and he should be starting over Mark Sanchez on the Jets today but to for him to be one of the most talked about quarterback is simply absurd.


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