Hell in a Cell: What the Hell Happened?

CM Punk defended his WWE championship against the undefeated Ryback at WWE’s Hell in a Cell but there was only one thing on my mind during this match-up: What the hell has happened to Hell in a Cell?

Hell in a Cell is a giant metal structure, often referred to as Satan’s structure by the WWE, in which two or more competitors are locked inside and the only way to win the match is to pin or make your opponent submit. This match generally results in a bloodbath as there is no disqualification and the cell is often used as a weapon.

The problem I have with CM Punk facing Ryback for the first time ever inside Hell in a Cell is that it further proves that Hell in a Cell matches mean nothing anymore.

If you look back in wrestling history Hell in a Cell has been unofficially reserved for competitors with long standing rivalries. Undertaker and Mankind had many grueling matches against each other before facing off inside the Cell. Batista had beaten Triple-H on two separate occasions before they squared off inside Hell in a Cell. Chris Jericho and Triple-H had over a years worth of animosity between themselves before they wrestled each other inside Hell in a Cell. Ryback has only been wrestling for a few months and he magically gets a title shot inside Hell in a Cell?

The match itself was a good match but it didn’t belong in the Cell. By creating a Hell in a Cell pay per view, forcing one or more match to contested in Hell in a Cell each year, it is ruining the special feeling of Hell in a Cell. Now Cell matches are being thrown together just to have the match, not to further a story or to end a long standing rivalry. Hell in a Cell is losing its luster.


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