Is Your Facebook Really Private?

Social networking has become a new norm in society but with that has come lots of consequences. Many people, such as Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick were outed by accident due to Facebook’s privacy policy.

Facebook’s privacy policies are listed rather clearly on their website but they leave a lot of ways for a somewhat private account to be discovered. One example that Facebook used is that if for some reason you were hiding your birthday and a bunch of your friends who knew you in person wrote happy birthday on their wall people would be lead to discover that person birthday.

The part of the privacy policy that surprised me the most was how Facebook deals with “like” pages. When you like a page on Facebook it is strictly a public act and for every interaction you have with that page your words are public and can be used by the page at its own discretion.

Social Media is a tool that we all use but we have to realize the dangers behind it. There is a fine line between what is public and private lives and that line can be easily blurred through social media.


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