A Fresh Perspective; Kevin Marshall Speaks to the Class

A silence fell over the class when it was announced that someone outside of our class had been reading our blog and was going to critique them one day in class. The idea in itself was almost nerve racking. In the end i’m sure the entire class left the room breathing a sigh of relief.

Kevin Marshall opened his discussion by mentioning he wasn’t gonna single out any specific blog. HUZZAH.

Marshall began to give the class really exceptional advice, whether it was to write more often, or to interject humor into our blog posts with out coming off as “snarky” or “heel.”  He demonstrated a general interest in the subject and was very laid back which made listening to him so early in the morning an amazing experience.

Ultimately I left class slightly inspired. It made me want to refine my wrestling writing so it was easier for non-wrestling fans to connect too and even start more music writing (which is a work in progress for me) The one thing that Marshall said that stuck with me is that we should be writing every day which is something I personally believe. Besides my academic work I also write songs, poems, and musical reviews in my own time which I am debating including on my blog from now on.

Kevin Marshall gave our class a fresh perspective into the universe of blogging and proved a lot of what we learned to be true. Whether it was the emphasis on beats or the emphasis on grammatical issues Marshall proved a lot of what we have been taught in class in a condensed and comical way.


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective; Kevin Marshall Speaks to the Class

  1. For some reason the calender on my blog is messed up and it is saying I posted this tomorrow when I posted it today.

    • For an even weirder reason, it is claiming that it is 3:02 when it is in actuality 11:02. My blog is off by 4 hours.

      • It sounds like your blog’s time zone is currently set to GMT when it should be GMT -4 (which is our EST). You can change it on the wordpress dashboard.

        Also, thank you for the kind words! Glad you took something from it.

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