Songs of the soul

We all know that one song that makes you stop and think “How did this artist know exactly how I feel?” Whether you are happy, sad, angry, confused, or even inquisitive there is a song somewhere that has been able to touch you on levels you never even imagined.

Brick by Boring Brick – Paramore 

“Go get your shovel and we’ll dig a deep hole to bury the castle.”

There is something about Hayley Williams that makes me think we would be amazing friends and I don’t think it’s because we both tweet WWE Champion CM Punk a lot. This song speaks to me on so many levels because it’s about growing up and losing your innocence. I went through a very painful period of my life where the cruel reality of the world hit me at a young age. When I was in fourth grade my older sister ran away from home and created a bunch of lies about my family in an immature attempt to get attention and to run from her problems. Two years following all of that legal trouble, which was still going on at that point, my father passed away and since I was the oldest, most responsible sibling, I took it upon myself to be a better person and the man of the house. My younger sister was only two years old when our father passed away so I knew I had to grow up and be a positive role model for her. This song demonstrates a sudden growth from innocence and I lived through a sudden growth from innocence.

Come As You Are – Nirvana 

“Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours don’t be late.”

They sure don’t make music like this anymore. Kurt Cobain was the voice of a generation and Nirvana, in my opinion, is the most influential band outside of the Beatles. This song, and Kurt Cobain in general, has inspired me as not only a song writer but as a person. I’ve quoted this songs in speeches, in conversation, and most importantly in my life. I connect to this song because it is very vague and complicated and can be interpreted in many ways and that is how I view life. This song is deep and ambiguous and I can’t even explain the level at which this song connects to me because it’s on an almost supernatural philosophical level that even I have a hard time comprehending.

I’m Definitely Not Gonna Miss You – Zebrahead

“Saying these five words to you will be the best thing that I ever do”

This song was used to help me cope a lot when I was going through a rough friendship break up (if that term makes sense) My best friend from high school goes to Saint Rose and we promised each other that we would hang out a lot when I came to college at U Albany. I would call her, and then I would leave her voicemails, and then I would write on her wall, and then I would send her messages, and she basically ignored my existence for a six month period. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much but she basically said that we would spend so much time together and then she blew me off and didn’t respond to me at all. So basically, I do what any other hot headed male would do, I flipped out on her….It was bad. I took every argument she used and disproved them too, I was very stubborn about the whole situation. Even though I had every right to be angry, there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t think about going to apologize to her so I used this song as a way to talk me out of it. Nothing like an angry break up song to keep you angry.

My Hero – Foo Fighters

“There goes my hero, he’s ordinary.”

I actually have a concrete story behind why this song means so much to me. I was in a car with someone who admitted to me she had AIDS and that, when she first got diagnosed with it years ago that she would go to local schools such as my own and speak to students about the misconceptions of the disease. One thing she said to me that really stuck with me is that she contracted the disease from her second partner, it wasn’t something she got from sleeping around like most people misconceive. The whole 20 minute car ride was simply inspirational and it made me think of how even the most ordinary and common people in your life can be inspirational heroes.

Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney and the Wings

“Maybe i’m a man and maybe you’re the only woman who could ever help me”

Not trying to be horribly cheesy but this is mine and my girlfriends “song.” I’ll be honest, I am honestly amazed with how smoothly my relationship is going. There are many factors that should prevent, or at least hinder, our relationship but she is such an amazing person that these factors don’t even matter. For starters, she is currently two hours away from me because she lives in Upstate New York (not places right above the city either, Upstate as in two hours north of Albany.) This should be a factor but even though she is far away I feel as if she is with me everywhere I go. Another issue we run into is age. She is 16 while I am 19. While this may be considered “wrong” or socially unacceptable I feel that mentally we are both the same age and we have an unbreakable mental attraction that makes our ages a non existent problem. Another possible issue we might face is that she is my bosses daughter. A lot of people would find that situation a very bizarre or uncomfortable one and would fear for their job, or things of that nature but I personally don’t even notice it as an issue because I am dating my girlfriend because she is an amazing person and it doesn’t matter who she is related to because I am dating her for her and no one else. This long rant shows that we should be having a lot of issues but they are non existent and I am  honestly amazed by it and Paul McCartney captures that perfectly in this song. This song shows an attraction that is stronger than any possible issue and that’s how I feel about the mental and emotional attachment to my girlfriend.

Music is an expression of self.


3 thoughts on “Songs of the soul

  1. pretty interesting choices and stories here James. You need to work on possessives, though. Basic grammar. In the last piece, for example, it should be: mine and my girlfriend’s and also my boss’s daughter. (Does he know, by the way? I found myself wondering if that were one of the issues that seems to go away when you are together.)

    • I actually did get my blog in on time but for some reason the time on my blog is off by four hours. I will explain more tomorrow in class.

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