The Wonderful World of Journalism

As my junior year of high school came to a conclusion I was faced with an interesting decision. Mrs. Green, the internship director at SUNY Plattsburgh’s Upward Bound college prep program wanted to know where in Plattsburgh I wanted to intern.

I was clueless as to what I wanted to do. “I’m a smart guy and people always ask me for help, why not education?” I thought to myself out loud. “Maybe something in journalism because I like to write.” I gave Mrs. Green the most vague answers and supported them with the most vague logic hoping I would at least get something interesting.

“James, you will be interning at Denton Publications this summer, they are the ones who write The Burgh and The North Countrymen,” Mrs. Green said to me in her sweet elderly Boston accent.

That summer I worked at Denton Publications and absolutely loved it, they had me do everything from writing two news articles for their paper, setting up interviews, working on a resume, taking photos, I even cleaned the basement one day and there wasn’t one day that I didn’t enjoy it.

This internship helped open my eyes to a field that I genuinely enjoy. In this field I have learned many things from, better uses of grammar to how to approach different types of articles. As stressful of a major it can be sometimes I would never change it, it’s an amazing field that I couldn’t imagine being without.


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