Why I read the ASP

I am an average student here at the University at Albany. I live on the campus, I interact with people on the campus, so why wouldn’t I want to know what is going on on the campus? This is the main reason that I read the Albany Student Press. The four main sections of the ASP, which are news, sports, opinion, and arts and entertainment, provide students with a ride variety of news that personally helps me randomly throughout the semester.

One day, in early February, I was looking through the ASP and noticed in the entertainment section that they did a review on The Fray’s new album Scars and Stories; upon reading the review I knew it was going to be a good album so I added it to a playlist on my Spotify. This album is currently my favorite album that has come out this year.

Ultimately, I feel that the ASP is a nice resource to have. It may not be the most fun thing in the world to read but it serves its purpose as a nice little newspaper to inform students of what exactly is going on around campus.


One thought on “Why I read the ASP

  1. I love your perspective on the newspaper. A lot of people I know don’t like the ASP so its refreshing to see someone actually like it! I also really liked the way you said why you liked it and how you carried your interest of the paper to your daily life. The only thing I didn’t like was your opening. “I’m an average student” It kind of sounds like your beating on yourself. Nobody is just average!

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