Facebook vs. Real Work

As forms of social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, become widely used as a way to stay connected to the world, potential employers are using them as a means to determine whether or not you are suitable for a job.

“I see a lot of photos of drinking and doing illegal things and I feel you will never get a job if an (employer) sees that,” said Sarah Trompeter, a sophomore at the University who claims to be an avid user of social media. “There is nothing on my Facebook that I wouldn’t want my family to see so I think an employer would be (content) with my Facebook.”

There are many statistics about employers and how they use social media to help determine whether or not they hire someone. According to an article on Mashable.com employers are more likely to hurry someone with photos if alcoholic beverages over someone who consistently misspells words.

As the world around us is evolving with new technologies we mentally have to adapt to these surroundings and grow with them. There are many pit falls to social media that may inevitably cost you a job.


2 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Real Work

  1. Firstly I thought about how you should absolutely change the title. I understand that this is mainly for educational purposes but, the title is so fun to construct. I do like the piece though, I wish you grew on what we read in class, applying a new angle to it or something. Otherwise, it’s well-written.

    • I did throw the title together quickly. I was rushing to get it done and couldn’t think of a title, I will change it though.

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